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C Data Types

C data types referance guide Type Explanation Minimum size (bits) Format specifier char Smallest addressable unit of the machine that can contain basic character set. It is an integer type. Actual type can be either signed or unsigned. 8 %c signed char Of the same size as char, but guaranteed to be signed. Capable of containing at least the [−127, +127] range. 8 %c (or %hhi for numerical output) unsigned char Of the same size as char, but guaranteed to be unsigned.

Openstack Test Instance Playbook

Once your OpenStack environment is deployed you will probably want to test it out or get stuck into testing other things without wanting to worry about creating all the resources required for spinning up a small instance. The following playbook can be modified easily for your needs, more thorough testing can be performed using Tempest: Usage source overcloudrc curl -O ansible-playbook provider-network-instance.yaml Source --- - name: Configure everything needed to deploy Cirros image hosts: localhost gather_facts: no tasks: - name: Download Cirros get_url: url: https://download.

Single Node OpenShift deployment Guide

In this guide I will be deploying A Single Node OpenShift environment (SNO) on to a VM hosted on Proxmox hypervisor with an OpnSense Router hosting an Unbound DNS server. This type of deployment comes with some limitations: Upgrades are supported Scale outs are not supported However, it is great for getting hands on experiance with OpenShift as it only requires a small node and simple networking compared with a full OpenShift deployment.